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09 March 2010 @ 11:10 pm
Copy and paste the following and post it, filled up, in a comment. Please put [claim] name in your title.

Your sample must be at least one paragraph long, in past tense and from your muse's point of you. The longer the better!

Cho Kyuhyun: Smirkkyu_cho on March 30th, 2010 01:28 am (UTC)
Name: Cho Kyuhyun
Group, solo, actor, other: Super Junior
Date of birth: Feb 03, 1988
Livejournal: kyu_cho
Screenname: kyuhyunn
Sample: Kyuhyun was a zombie. That's what his bandmates likes to say, anyways; a Starcraft zombie. Apparently there was something in the way he stared at his computer screen with unblinking eyes that reminded them of a brain eating monster. Kyuhyun thought this was ridiculous, of course, because everyone knows that zombies are actually very intelligent and active creatures and that a blank stare isn't one of their noticeable attraits.

"Yah. Stop with the GameKyu zombie act and come entertain your hung."

Sigh. Why. Why did Heechul have to torture him so? The young man reluctantly tore his eyes from the screen. "Hyung. How many times do I have to tell you that I'm more like a ghoul? Anyways, you should ask Siwon hung. He looks like he's craving for attention as much as you are." He nodded towards his muscular friend, who's eyebrows shot up in surprise (but who did look rather interested, and quickly turned to Heechul with a hopeful glance).

"It's not fun if he wants to, sorry Siwonnie, now come here!"

Kyuhyun sighed, again. Just as he finally started to move, though, a tall and bony mass of limbs seemingly threw itself across the room to land on the chair next to Heechul's. Zhoumi grinned brightly and started talking excitedly about this and that with Heechul, who quickly seemed to forget about Kyuhyun. The latter turned back to his computer with a victorious smirk. He would have to treat the chinese man to ice cream later!
이홍기o0hongki_tty on March 31st, 2010 06:27 am (UTC)
Name: Lee Hong Ki [이홍기]
Group, solo, actor, other: f.t. island
Date of birth: March 02 1990
Livejournal: o0hongki_tty
Screenname: YuffieKPlus [Will make an Alt]
There was nothing more relaxing than spending an afternoon in front of the TV, surrounded by stuffed animals, pillows…and blue colored popcorn. Despite the littered junk in his room, Lee Hongki’s attention was far too focused on the television drama, where the heroine had coincidentally slipped over the bridge and was just about to dive into an awaiting body of water, when her love interest caught her hand just in time!

”Hold on to my hand!” The man cried desperately to the screaming girl, who’s thin arms kept enough strength in them to hold onto his hand as her legs kicked violently beneath her in an attempt to lift herself up.

“Whaaaaat? Wouldn’t her sockets pop out or something?” He mumbled, gazing incredulously to the screen. The drama continued its suspense. “… Ah! Don’t let her fall! Waaah! Don’t fall!” Hongki cried out to the TV, the hem of his sleeve between his teeth and curling up with torturous anticipation. With the girl’s legs kicking and the tears flowing down her cheeks, it made HIM want to cry! Even if these things never happened in real life-

Never mind being just a few over fifteen minutes late for band rehearsal with F.T.

”I’ll never let you go. Ever!” The hero barked urgently, tugging the woman with a sudden reign of strength and adrenaline to completely pulled her over the railing of the bridge, and then stumbling over so that she fell on top of him.

“Oh you’re smooth..” Hongki laughed, settling his back straight to sit up and reach for a handful of popcorn. He smiled sheepishly and stretched upwards, chewing obnoxiously and squinting just in time to see the digital neon green glow of the time on his cable box.

“……………..The klutz lady made me late!” Hongki whined, nearly choking on the chewed remains of the popcorn to get up from the comfort of his makeshift futon and hurry to get ready.

There was nothing more relaxing than forgetting afternoon band practice.